TarberAK* was founded in 2019 in Yerevan, Armenia. We are two co-founders. We have experience in Armenia, Russia and the United States. We believe in the social role of architecture since it traverses every field of human activity. We feel responsible to do it well. We do conceptual architecture. We don't use ornaments. We don't do "neoclassical Armenian architecture” but the Armenian spirit guides us. We do not have a particular style but we have charisma and energy. Our works vary in scale. We do urban projects. We do interiors. All our projects begin with questioning. We question the site, context, program, sometimes even clients. We like clients. We also do projects without a client. We experiment, break rules, argue, and that helps us create real value. We use the term "honest architecture" very often, though oddly, it acquires a new meaning every time. We try to write about architecture. We try to teach architecture; however impossible it may be. We care much about the city we live in. We care about the nature and about the world.

*tarberak in Armenian means option, version, or variant.
*tarber translates from Armenian as different.